With over 15 years in a Human Resources career, I've read thousands of resumes and cover letters. I saw which ones made it through to the hiring managers. And why.

I'll create your resume using what I've learned. Plus, I'll take the time to inform you on how to get your resume through the tracking systems and in front of the eyes of the person doing the hiring. Check out my three packages. There's one that will fit your situation. Once you find it, read the terms at the bottom. Then contact me and we'll get started.


the "you got this" package

Your resume or cover letter is done...but you'd really like someone to review it for you. I'll check it for spelling, grammar, and readability, and I'll send it back to you with corrections and suggestions marked on it.

$40 for a one-page resume.

$60 for a two-page resume.

$40 for a cover letter.

$80 to review both a resume and a cover letter


the "grass is greener" package

You have an old resume, but it's out of date and you're itching to look for a new career opportunity. I'll review what you have, revise as necessary, and add your most recent job and accomplishments. Price includes a 30-minute phone consultation.

$150 for a resume update and revision.

Add a cover letter for $50.

Add a Linked In profile for $50.


The "starting from scratch" package

You never had a resume...or if you did, you can't find it to save your life. You'll need to provide me with a list of your jobs, the dates, the responsibilities, etc. and I'll turn it all into a professional resume. Price includes a 30-minute phone consultation. 

$200 for an all-new resume.

Add a compelling cover letter for $50.

Add a Linked In profile for $50.

terms and details

Allow 4 business days for completion.

25% of the total is due up front, and the remaining 75% is due within 10 days after receipt of the finished resume.

All packages include one free revision within one week of the delivery of the final resume, in case you change your mind about something or want it expressed in a different way. 

All packages include free tips with your resume, covering how to adjust your cover letter and resume for each job you apply for.


Karleen gave a very in-depth evaluation of my resume with outstanding clarity and professionalism.



Thank you very much for my new resume. You have captured my work experiences superbly!



Thank you so much! It looks so much better than what I had.



Very much appreciated. It looks great!